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Permatron Dusteater Air FilterSMID# 152-8129-666

SMID# 152-8129-666

Permatron Dusteater 16 in. x 20 in. x 2 in. Washable Reusable EF2 Air Filter.
Designed with Accumulator Chamber® for 3 stage filtration
16 in. x 20 in. x 2 in. Washable Reusable EF2 Air Filter
Model EF (1” & 2”) features Exclusive Accumulator Chamber®.
Using a unitized filter bank design, multiple sets of steel framed
media is assembled with distinct separation to create a triple action
filtration system. This prefilter/afterfilter assembly promotes free air
flow with superior dust holding capacity while resisting face loading.
Excess particulates sweep through the prefilter and cross currents
within the chamber cause further agglomeration and settlement until
the filter is rinsed clean. Outer steel frame contains strategically
placed drain holes for thorough cleaning.
DustEater® Easy Flow
Electrostatic Air Filter
• Stainless steel frame with drain holes
• Average Arrestance Efficiency: 82%
• Dust Holding Capacity: 105 gm.
• Initial Air Flow Resistance: 0.11” w.g
10 filters available
  • Mfg:  Permatron
  • Mfg Model:  Dusteater
  • Mfg Number:  EF2 16X20
  • Condition:  New


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