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B420B XFS, Ashccroft Pressure SwitchSMID# 155-6719-488

SMID# 155-6719-488

B420B XFS, Ashccroft Pressure Switch
The Ashcroft B-Series switch line is designed to satisfy most switch requirements. Materials of construction have been selected for long life. A wide variety of precision switch elements are available to meet every application requirement, including hermetically sealed contacts for added reliability and safety. Ashcroft actuators have been proven in more than 20 years of service in the world's plants and mills. Special designs are available for fire safety, NACE, limit control and other more stringent requirements. Simplicity and ease of use are stressed to improve reliability of installation. This general purpose Ashcroft® switch series is ideal for use in virtually all industrial and OEM applications.

Watertight NEMA 4X enclosure, IP66
Choice of switch elements for all applications, including hermetically sealed
Wide choice of wetted materials, including all-welded Monel or stainless steel
Fixed or limited adjustable deadband
Approved for UL, CSA and FM ratings
Setpoints adjustable from 15-100% of range
Choice of actuators, including designs for fire-safe and NACE applications
Ready available
Standard pressure connection materials
Pressure psi ranges - 316L stainless steel
Differential psid ranges - Nickel-plated brass
Pressure and differential inches of water ranges -epoxy coated carbon steel
  • Mfg:  Ashcroft
  • Mfg Number:  B420B XFS
  • Condition:  New


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