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3103914, Cummins Starter
SMID# 156-1580-423    NSN: 2920-01-214-7356
3103914, Cummins Starter. Made in Korea. 8 available. Fits NT855 engines, others. 39MT, 24V. NSN 2920012147356
Price: Call (702-366-0540)
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RE40409, John Deere Injection Pump
SMID# 156-1571-506    NSN: 2910-01-363-6833
RE40409, John Deere Injection Pump. Stanadyne part no. DB4627-4807. Fits John Deere 6059TF generator engine. NSN 2910013636833
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5L-1936, Cat Water Pump
SMID# 156-1560-957    NSN: 2930-00-978-9498
5L1936, Caterpillar Fresh Water Pump. Fits D-353, D-353E, D-343 engines. Old part no. 2N-5649. Casting no's 5L1938, 4L9186. Includes all hardware pictured, and gasket part no. 2L-3565. NSN 2930009789498
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GFM37, Aalborg Mass Flowmeter
SMID# 156-1061-425
Principles of Operation
Metered gases are divided into two laminar flow paths, one through the primary flow conduit, and the other through a capillary sensor tube.
Both flow conduits are designed to ensure laminar flows and therefore the ratio of their flow rates is constant.
Two precision temperature sensing windings...
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5703108, Allison Parts Kit
SMID# 156-1059-647    NSN: 2520-00-045-9852
5703108, Allison Parts Kit. Consists of:
1 ea 8351632 Pinion Assy
80 ea 7710642 Roller, Needle Brg
8 ea 6758707 Washer, Thrust
8. ea 8357328 Spacer
4. ea 8355950 Spindle
4. ea 442935 Pin
Used in Allison model XTG411-2A transmissions. NSN 2520000459852
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AT101565, John Deere Fuel Filter
SMID# 156-1054-437    NSN: 2940-01-325-2289
AT101565, John Deere Fuel Filter. Genuine John Deere, not aftermarket. 60 available. NSN 2940013252289
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186-6051, Cummins Onan Bearing Sets
SMID# 156-1046-799    NSN: 5365-01-359-0205
186-6051, Cummins Onan Bearings. Large quantity available. NSN 5365013590205
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Cooper Bessemer GN-8 Engine Bearings
SMID# 156-1044-077
Cooper-Bessemer GN-8 Engine Bearings. Upper half part no. GNB-7-A, lower half GNB-7-B. 5 sets available. Sold as sets. NSN's 3120003916548, 3120010619238
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FT-90, Motorcraft Filter Kit
SMID# 156-1040-843    NSN: 2940-01-332-6064
FT-90, Motorcraft Transmission Filter Kit. E9TZ7A098-C. Includes filter, gasket and o-rings. 9 available. NSN 2940013326064
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5705690, Military Wiper Motor Kit
SMID# 156-0976-764    NSN: 2540-01-303-0600
5705690, Military Windshield Wiper Motor Kit. NSN 2540013030600
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ER-17319-1, Dana Power Steering Pump
SMID# 156-0974-292    NSN: 2530-01-274-4457
ER-17319-1, Dana / Eaton Power Steering Pump. Harsco part no. 20510093. Used on Military M939 series trucks. NSN 2530012744457
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6403375, Speed Monitor Switch
SMID# 156-0972-274    NSN: 2920-00-962-8934
6403375, General Motors Speed Monitor Switch. Used in CH-46 helicopters. United Technologies part no. 26512-100. 4 available. NSN 2920009628934
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191-1443, Cummins Starter Pinion Kit
SMID# 156-0962-914    NSN: 2920-01-224-8389
191-1443, Cummins / Onan Starter Pinion Kit. Also under following part no's:
6 kits available. NSN 2920012248389
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2000E1279, Meritor Friction Lining Kit
SMID# 156-0960-996    NSN: 2530-00-176-9268
2000E1279, Meritor Friction Lining Kit. Each kit consists of 8 friction pads and mounting rivets. 2 kits available.
Other part numbers:
952-2740E993. WHEELER BROS, INC.
NSN 2530001769268
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90300B1S, Carlin Temp Controller
SMID# 156-0951-065
90300B1S, Carlin EZ-Temp Temperature Controller. Model no. 90300B. Set point range 100-180 Deg F, differential 8 deg F. High limit 200 deg F, 10 deg F differential. Carlin 90300B1S EZ-Temp Dual Limit Temperature Control With Manual Reset For Bock Commercial. Recommended Temperature Range Service Pak – Dual limit (operating limit and manual...
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T-473-Y-2IN, Nibco® Check Valve
SMID# 156-0890-110    NSN: 4820-01-463-6524
T-473-Y-2IN, Nibco® Y-Pattern Swing Check Valve with Renewable Seat and Disc, 2 in NPT, 300 lb, Bronze
Class 300 Bronze Check Valve:
Horizontal Swing
Regrinding Type
Renewable Seat and Disc
300 PSI/20.7 Bar Saturated Steam to 421º F/216º C600 PSI/41.4 Bar Non-Shock Cold Working Pressure. 20 available....
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CG-165-S, Sporlan Filter-Drier
SMID# 156-0881-461    NSN: 4130-01-563-3159
CG-165-S, Sporlan Filter-Drier. Navistar PN 3113340C91L, Real-Time Laboratories, LLC PN 107570375C. For use with R12, R134A, R22, R404A, R407C, R410A, R500, R502, R507. For use on Refrigeration and AC Systems. NSN 4130015633159
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50292810, Hatz Generator Stator
SMID# 156-0875-210    NSN: 2920-12-342-6536
50292810, Hatz Generator Stator. 4 available. NSN 2920123426536
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KIT1105B, Brake Adjust Parts Kit
SMID# 156-0869-971    NSN: 2530-01-300-5918
KIT1105B, Meritor Brake Adjust Parts Kit. For M939A2 Military Truck. Consists of:
78500 2258-S-1033 RETURN SPRING 4; 78500 2247-D-1018 WEDGE ASSEMBLY 4; 78500 A2297-V-5326 BOLT ASSEMBLY,ADJUSTING 4; 78500 2297-U-4571 GREASE,1 OZ 4; 78500 A3280-Z-8190 GUIDE,ANCHOR 4; 78500 2297-Y-5329 ANCHOR PLUNGER,LH 2; 78500 2297-Z-5330 ANCHOR PLUNGER,RH 2; 78500 A3280-V-8186 PLUNGER ASSEMBLY,ADJUSTING 4; 78500...
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23018785, Allison Front Cover Plate
SMID# 156-0800-517    NSN: 5340-01-341-8582
23018785, Allison Front Cover Plate. 10 available. NSN 5340013418582
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4005522, John Deere Friction Plate
SMID# 156-0797-792    NSN: 2520-01-297-7301
4005522, John Deere Friction Plate. Quantity available. NSN 2520012977301
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735182C91, Navistar Injection Pump
SMID# 156-0790-344    NSN: 2910-01-265-4978
735182C91, International Harvester / Navistar Injection Pump. Rebuilt pump for DT466 truck application. 1983-1986 210 hp truck application. Part Numbers: 0403446131, 1802604C92, 735334C91, 735182C91. Re-manufactured by Springfield ReManufacturing Corp. NSN 2910012654978
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735557C91, Navistar Injection Pump
SMID# 156-0525-824    NSN: 2910-01-315-2542
735557C91, International Harvester / Navistar Injection Pump. 1808876C91. Re-manufactured by Springfield ReManufacturing Corp. 3 available. NSN 2910013152542
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735357C91, Navistar Injection Pump
SMID# 156-0518-295    NSN: 2910-01-277-7614
735357C91, International Harvester / Navistar Fuel Injection Pump. S-Series Model 1754, DT466 truck applications.
Bosch Part numbers:
0 403 446 137
072 05701

Navistar Part numbers:
735090C92 735357C91

New pump, missing hand prime pump.
NSN 2910012777614
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35-555, Kissling Battery Disconnect Switch
SMID# 156-0452-034    NSN: 5930-01-504-7900
35-555, Kissling Battery Disconnect Switch. 2 pole, 500A Switch. Swiss made, 28 available. Oshkosh part no. 3458242. NSN 5930015047900
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Kubota 2 Cyl Z482-E Diesel Engine Low Hours
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Twin Disc MG-509 4.5:1 Ratio
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Twin Disc MG5114A 2:1 Ratio
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Twin Disc MG-521 3:1 Ratio
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Twin Disc Clutch Pack
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3545745, Cummins Turbo Repair Kit PN 3545745
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Woodward Hydraulic Governor
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3552912, Cummins Crankshaft DAMPENER,VIBRATION,ENGINE
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Filmtec SW30-8040 RO Membranes
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Detroit Diesel 16V-92TA Marine Engines
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GAC ESD2110 Speed Control Unit
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Detroit Diesel 6V-53-NA LH Rotation
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Filmtec 6 in R.O. Membrane SW30-6040
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PGPH, Woodward Governor 9900-015
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ROWPU 600-1 Water Purification Unit, Reverse Osmosis
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